Tamale Court Drug Trial Related Youth-Police Violence Blues

DPFD Appeals to Prez Nana Addo,Calls for Transfer of RC


Rising trade in narcotic drugs and it’s abuse in the Tamale metropolis in Gnana’s Northern region has since been a matter of grievous concern to the traditional authorities (chiefs) and all well-meaning people of the region.

Amidst complaints of lack of satisfactory action on the part of the Narcotic Control  authorities and Northern Regional Police command to stem the tide, a local volunteers Drug Task Force has since been formed to carry out affirmative action against  the worrisome drug abuse menace.

The Tamale drug abuse menace has since attracted local and international  media headlines albeit,for the wrong reason.  DW TV is on record to have done a documentary on the Tamale substance abuse situation and this has further increased public concerns about the need to combat the problem.

On-going trial  by the Tamale Circuit Court of a suspected  drug dealer against who  a local Task Force against drugs  in Tamale had taken legal action, tends to be another  major move on their part in the crusade against substance abuse. The alleged open boasting by the suspect that he was going to use monetary influence to thwart any police or court action against him,hasn’t been taken lightly at all.

Against this background,some youth in Tamale who had cause to believe that,from the look of things during the recent  Court sitting,the suspect was most likely to be granted bail,were said to have started getting  agitated  .This is said to have  lead to a call for  Police reinforcement  resulting sadly,into  three reported injuries.

For more details, read below the full Press Release of  Dagbon Patriots for Development(DPFD)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the media
The Leadership of Dagbon Patriots Calls on The President, Inspector General of Police, and
Regional Minister to Ensure Citizens’ Safety during Protests

The Leadership of Dagbon Patriots for Development is deeply concerned about the recent
events surrounding the protests against the bail of an alleged drug lord in our community. We
urge the President, the Inspector General of Police, and the Regional Minister to take
immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens exercising their democratic
right to peaceful protest.

It is our firm belief that peaceful protest is a fundamental pillar of any thriving democracy.
Citizens have the right to voice their concerns and demand justice without fear of violence or

The recent firing of shots into the crowd that led to several of our people been injured
during the protests in Tamale has heightened tensions and threatens to undermine the trust
between citizens and security forces.

We, call upon the President, the Inspector General of Police, Nanima, Regional Minister who
is the Chairman of REGSEC and all duty bearers to come on board to:

Order Restraint: We implore the security services to exercise maximum restraint when
dealing with protests and demonstrations. The use of live ammunition against peaceful
protesters is not only unjust but also escalates tensions and poses a significant risk to human

Open Dialogue: We urge the authorities to open a constructive dialogue with the citizens to
address their concerns and grievances. Engaging in meaningful conversations can help
prevent further escalation and pave the way for a peaceful resolution.

Accountability: Those responsible for firing shots into the crowd must be held accountable
for their actions. This will send a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated and
will help restore faith in the justice system.

Community-Police Relations: Strengthen community-police relations through transparency,
accountability, and community engagement. Building trust between citizens and law
enforcement is essential for maintaining peace and harmony.

Public Safety: Ensure the safety and security of all citizens participating in protests. The
primary responsibility of the security forces is to protect the people, and this should be done
without resorting to violence.

Stolen motor bikes: We also demand that the officers of the police service who stole the
three motorcycles should be exposed and prosecuted according to the laws of the country.

Transfer: As a matter of urgency and for us to succeed in the fight of this drug menace, we
are demanding that, the Regional Commander, the Judge and the Crime Officer to be
transferred out of Tamale for their bias nature of handling the drug issues in the Tamale

We are calling upon the youth of Tamale to remain calm as we seek to fight and defend
Tamale against all manners of injustices.

As the future of our nation, we, the Leadership of Dagbon Patriots for Development in the
Tamale Metropolis, believe in the power of unity and peaceful coexistence.

We stand together to call for a peaceful resolution to the current situation and for the protection of the
democratic rights of all citizens.

For media inquiries, please contact:
(On behalf of Dagbon Patriots for Development)
Over Lord of Dagbon
Chief of Gukpegu,
Chief of Dakpema
Chief of Lamashegu
Chief of Choggu
Members of Parliament (Tamale South, North and Central)
All constituency chairpersons of Tamale Metropolis
All Media houses

PHOTO(Credit Ghanaweb)

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