Greening the Desert through Organic Farming


Upholding the legacy of UAE’s Founder,

Emirates Bio Farm Leads the Charge

By: Mohammed Abu

The good memoirs of late UAE’s Founder, H.R.H. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahayan, shall forever be cherished. Aside the historic Economic Diversification Plan that also ensured escapade from the resource curse, his passion and initiative for greening the country’s desert, protection and conservation of biodiversity in its ecosystem also deserves spectacular mention.

To this end, the establishment of the Emirates Bio Farm(EBF), the largest organic farm in the UAE in 2016, built on the company’s founding principles of advocating for environmental protection, health and well-being of all UAE residents, was indeed one of the most glowing tributes ever paid to the Founder of the nation.

“A guiding principle which embrace from the teachings of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE and an early champion of environmental protection” EBF eulogizes him.

The mission of EBF is contributing to the establishment of a secure and sustainable food system that promotes healthy living and the protection of the environment while providing genuine, certified organic food to the market.

EBF is relentlessly working towards protecting biodiversity and the environment through its organic farming practices, building and preserving arable soil which successfully produces over 60 varieties of products in the middle of the desert in Al Shuwaib, Al Ain.

EBF uses sustainable methods such as crop rotation, companion planting and the use of natural pest repellents allows the company to grow chemical-free crops that offer a high-quality alternative to imported produce giving consumers a local and sustainable option that is healthier and better for the environment. All our organic products are handpicked where the items are getting from harvest to the market within 24 hours, in order to maintain product freshness and optimum nutrition level.

A big part of the Emirates Bio Farm mission is not only to produce high quality organic local products of many varieties but to also educate the UAE population on how their food choices impact the environment. It has also chosen agri-tourism as our method of communicating our mission and educating people about the realities of food and the impact of our choices on the environment around us.

EBF operate to increase overall output as an integrated farm; making organic food affordable and available to the local market driving it as a sustainable investment in the country’s future in order to reduce reliance on imported products.

Granted the prime importance of the seeds in the primary production value chain, EBF is also growing a seed library where seeds are collected to be re-used; as that increases the seed independence of the company and others in the region.

The EBF: Agro-tourist Destination of Choice

For foreign UAE bound tourists, conference and other events attendees as well as UAE resident holiday makers who love nature, a weekend retreat to Emirates Bio Farm, Al-Shuwaib, Al Ain, guarantees an unforgettable real life experience.

The welcoming ambiance of the serene desert environment and the organic farm ecosystem that also treats one to rich organic dishes served at the canteen produced from farm fresh vegetables, is worth experiencing.


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