About Tamale Drug Abuse Menace and Court Trial Incident

Dagbon Forum Appeals to Chief Justice to Intervene


One of the Northern region’s development oriented organizations, the Dagbon Forum(DF), has appealed to the Chief Justice to intervene so as to ensure that, the on-going trial of a suspect for allegedly dealing in drugs at the Tamale Circuit Court, is not unduly delayed.

This, DF noted, is in view of the recent sad incident that occurred at the court premises during the recent sitting on the case resulting into people sustaining injuries.

It also took cognizance of what negative implications in adjourning a case without giving a definite date would have on a speedy and smooth adjudication of the case while also expressing its sympathies to all the injured during the incident.

The entire Dagbon it noted, is deeply concerned about the drug menace which is slowly eating into the fabric of our society and we humbly implore the judicial service to ensure speedy justice in cases involving drugs, in order to curb the menace and end the gradual destruction of our youth whose lives and future are at stake.

Many Dagbon communities it underscored, have long been plagued by the destructive activities of tramadol peddlers who exploit vulnerable individuals, particularly the youth leading them down a perilous path of addiction and despair and only speedy dispensation of justice can stem the tide.

These were contained in Press Release issued in Tamale, Sunday.

We urge our law enforcement agencies in Dagbon, the release continued, especially those in Tamale to embrace the interest of the public in the drug cases and see it as a sign of public support for them in their efforts to sanitize the community of this cancerous menace, rather than feeling antagonized.

DF firmly believes, it said, that it is the collective responsibility as citizens of Dagbon to protect the future of Dagbon from the perils of drug addiction.

DF while applauding the bravery of the Aboabo/Poloya Fong AntiDrug Taskforce for their dedication to this cause as well as their unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of Dagbon’s youth, also called upon all citizens and residents of Dagbon as well as, all well-meaning groups and individuals nationwide to unite against the scourge of drug trafficking and addiction.

Dagbon Forum also appealed to the public to be mindful of the disruptions massing up can cause to the smooth and speedy flow of the court processes.

“Much as DF would not encourage the public to mass up at the premises of the Courts in the subsequent sittings, it clearly demonstrates the eagerness and resolve of the people to salvage our current and future generations from the consumption of those destructive hard drugs.

“Dagbon Forum is therefore appalled by the high-handedness with which the police handled the crowd that day. Dagbon Forum holds the view that the police in the cause of their training are trained on how to handle unarmed civilians during crowd control.

“Equally disturbing are the cases of seized and missing motorbikes owned by members of the public who gathered at the Court premises. This is least expected of a policeman who is trained and employed to maintain law and order. DF therefore calls on the Police authority to take the matter seriously and deal with the said officers drastically if the allegation is proven to be true.

“DF wish to appeal to the police authorities to appreciate the interest the public has in the trial of Alhaj Osman and therefore ensure the safety and security of all parties involved and the broader community during the subsequent hearings.” the release added.






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