Annual Investment Meeting Highlights: ‘One Day of the World’ Masterpiece and Impactful Sessions from Innovation and Investment Track


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 10 May 2023:  The 12th edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) featured a one-of-a-kind masterpiece created by the renowned artist Nadmid Sergelen, capturing the Cultures and Accomplishments of Mankind while illustrating the Synergy and Diversity of Life on Earth called ‘One Day of the World,’

The painting is unique for its Historical Significance and Value. The fragility of the natural flora and fauna, as well as the Global Cultural and Ethnic Diversity, are symbolized through this masterpiece. It is the longest painting ever done in “Mongol Zurag,” 21meters by 2.5 meters with a total area of 52.5 sqm and the artwork features a world map with all 193 countries represented, painted in exquisite watercolor and acrylic on white canvas.

The painting took 21 years to complete, from 1998 to 2019 and currently is under protection in a special vault at the National Art Gallery of Mongolia. The artwork was the first auction of digital versions of five countries, which were sold for a total of USD 125,000.

In addition, the Annual Investment Meeting hosted impactful sessions under the Investment and Innovation Tracks at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Day 2 and 3– Investment Track

Day 2 commenced with a session on ‘Investment Monitor’s FDI Report 2023: A focus on the Middle East & Africa’ which provided a deep understanding of the investment landscape in the Middle East and Africa.  In addition, there was a report launch, by Glenn Barklie from Global Data who discussed the focus on green field operations, which involves expanding companies and creating a larger global presence. The forum also witnessed a session titled ‘Bridging the Gap: Establishing Strong International Relationships and Building Trust’. Next in line was a session on ‘Digital Transformation: Integrating Innovative Technologies in FDI to Increase Value’.

Another impactful session was ‘Towards Investment Facilitation for Development: How a New Agreement Can Help Grow FDI Flows and Prosperity’. Next was a session on ‘Quality FDI: Attracting Meaningful Investments for Economic Growth’. Another important session was ‘Boosting Capital Markets to Develop Market Efficiency Through FPI’. Foreign Portfolio Investments are important to any economy. FPIs help to strengthen and improve domestic capital markets. This session looked at how FPI are used to tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental changes.

Next in line was a session on ‘Geopolitical Tensions: Mitigating Global Risk in your Portfolio’. This session was moderated by Adam Ward, Director, Geopolitico Insight and Counsel and included speaker as Radoslaw Domagalski, CEO, Rafako. The last session focused on ‘Leveraging Super Trends in Investment to Create Resilient Portfolios’.

Day 3 commenced with a panel discussion on ‘Sustainable Investment Opportunities in FDI’ and also featured a discussion on ‘Moving to Net Zero and Decarbonizing your Portfolio. Additionally, there was a session on a session on ‘The Technology Track: The Effect of the 4IR and the IIoT on Boosting Industrialization Investment plans’ and an impactful session on ‘The Investment Track: Opportunities, Challenges and; Risks of Investing in Industrial Sector’.

Day 3 Innovation Track

The session on ‘SMEs: Sustainable Climate Finance Initiative: A new approach to finance sustainable infrastructure and agriculture projects in emerging economies’, in partnership with R20, Pegasus & Gold Standard was a highlight at the event.

In this session, The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) and Gold Standard, a climate and development organization, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote dialogue for sustainable development. Another session on ‘Digital Economies: Implementing Industry 4.0 – Developing the Right Tools and Platforms’ focused on how digital economies are revolutionizing the way businesses operate, with Industry 4.0 leading the charge.

In addition, there was the launch of MatchGPT: The world’s first AI- Powered Matchmaker for Global Tech Companies. Finnovating has unveiled MatchGPT®, the world’s first Match Generative Pre-Trained Transformer focused on connecting tech companies to accelerate B2B business and collaborations for technology and innovation. It has been developed using OpenAI and AI-owned algorithms and fuelled by exclusive data from the Finnovating Platform, an AI-Deal Matching Platform for Tech Companies. The highly anticipated launch took place today on May 9th, captivating thousands of investors and tech leaders at the AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi, with the support of the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology

The session, ‘SMEs: Navigating Investments in the International Landscape, and the Adaptation to Evolving Needs and Expectations: SMEs Investment Challenges and Opportunities’ focused on how

investments in international landscape have become more complex as the world responds to recent events.


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