Black Medical Expertise Excellence Celebrated at Global Black Impact Summit,Dubai 2024

.........As Event Organizers Announce Dr.Ehsan Natour's Participation

Story: Mohammed A.Abu
The Global Black Impact Summit has announced  Dr. Ehsan Natour’s joining of the event  taking place in Dubai on February 27 as a distinguished speaker.

As a seasoned medical professional and an expert in his field, Natour brings a unique perspective shaped by his diverse and extraordinary journey and education,will contribute to GBIS 2024 by offering his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

With a background in complex aortic pathology, heart-lung transplants and left ventricle assist devices, Dr. Natour’s work at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) demonstrates his commitment to advancing cardiac care. As an educator and Head of the Aorta Surgery Program, he significantly contributes to medical education and surgical programs.

This is against the backdrop that,as the world of medicine evolves and new technologies and breakthroughs are made, the value of inclusivity within the field becomes even more critical,according to a recent official statement issued  in Dubai,

Since 2016, the statement  noted,Dr. Natour has been living and working in Maastricht in the Netherlands and Aachen in Germany, further expanding his impact on the field of cardiac surgery.

His book, ‘When life comes to a standstill’,it also  noted, reflects not only his medical expertise but also his dedication to supporting patients and their relatives through the foundation ‘Stilgezet’. This Dutch foundation initiates sustainable change in the healthcare system through various activities and art projects.

“As a speaker at GBIS 2024, Dr. Natour is poised to offer profound insights into healthcare challenges, patient support, and the intersection of medicine and social impact.

“He will bring a global perspective to the event, making him a potential catalyst for discussions on transformative change in healthcare systems.
“Dr. Natour’s unique blend of medical expertise, educational leadership, and social entrepreneurship aligns seamlessly with the event’s theme – Black Excellence: Unleashing the Unexplored Potential for Global Unity ­– promising to be a driver of change at GBIS 2024.”it further added.

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