Humanity International Investments: DRC and UAE to Collaborate on Economic Cooperation, Investment, and Infrastructure as discussed at Annual Investment Meeting


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, May 10, 2023: The 12th edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) announced today that the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the United Arab Emirates will collaborate on various projects focused on economic cooperation, investment, and infrastructure in addition to promoting humanitarian assistance efforts.

This forum was led by Aly Ramji, the General Partner at Humanity International Investments, and included several high-profile speakers as H.E. Mrs. Marie Ndjeka Opombo, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United Arab Emirates, Rashid Al Taneji, Director of Trade, Marcel Kanda, Chief of Staff of the Planning Ministry of Congo, John Kabeya Shikayi, Governor of Central Kasai, Malo Mobutu, Governor of North Ubangi, Governor Jean Claude Mabenze of South Ubangi, Dr. Guy BANDU Governor of Central Congo and Governor Jean Robert Nzanza Bombiti of Bas Uele province .

This session highlighted various reconstruction projects and collaborations with stakeholders as well as focused on a partnership between Congo and the UAE that is aimed at investing in gold. The session highlighted the formation of a joint venture with the Minister of Finance and Treasury with 55% for the UAE and 45% for Congo, which would focus on gold.

The session also discussed the significant 45% bilateral growth rate in trade between the UAE and the DRC. The UAE is seeking potential partners to invest in the DRC and has signed agreements with India, Israel, Turkey, and Indonesia, and is now looking forward to enhancing relations with African countries as well, including the DRC.

Marcel Kanda, Chief of Staff of the Planning Ministry of Congo, expressed his ambition for agricultural transformation in the country by developing a value chain in agriculture by 2040, aiming to position Congo as an emerging country. The government of Congo is committed to implementing structural reforms that focus on improving infrastructure and creating a conducive business environment to attract investors.

In addition, the forum also highlighted the agricultural and mining potential of the Central Kasai province, citing that the region has 8,000 acres of fertile land and favorable natural conditions that allow for the possibility of producing crops up to three times a year. It also emphasized the agricultural and mining potential of the North Ubangi province and highlighted the natural resources of gold and diamonds in the region, as well as its involvement in various projects related to agriculture and infrastructure.

Lastly, the session also provided the importance of developing the agriculture in Bas Uele for its vast forests and favourable climate conditions, which can support the cultivation of various crops. The governor’s vision is to make the DRC one of the greatest countries in terms of agriculture and attract expertise and business investment in the sector.

In conclusion, this partnership will open doors to investment and trade opportunities that will benefit both countries while promoting stability and development in the region.


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