Konkombas and Dagombas Urged to Remain Calm


………..As KOYA and Dagbon Forum Leadership Step Up Engagement

A rumored planned Konkomba war offensive allegedly targeted at a number of Dagomba towns to kick-off today Monday, further beefed up tension yesterday between Konkombas and their age-long Dagomba neighbours prompting the Konkomba Youth Association(KOYA) last night to issue an official statement assuring Konkombas resident in Dagbon that its leadership was in close contact with their counterparts of the Dagbon Forum(DF).

Now read the full statement for more details

The Konkomba Youth Association (KOYA) issues this statement to assure all Konkombas residing in
Dagomba areas and other parts of Northern Ghana to remain calm and steadfast during these turbulent times.

We want to emphasize that the leadership of KOYA is in close contact with the leadership of Dagbon Forum,
and together, we are actively working towards maintaining peace and security for all communities.

We recognize the concerns and anxieties that may arise in such situations, but we want to assure all
Konkombas that there is no need for panic or fear. KOYA, in collaboration with the Dagbon Forum (DF)
leadership, is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all Konkombas and fostering a peaceful
coexistence between our communities.

We have engaged in ongoing dialogue and communication with leaders of DF to address the tensions and
mitigate any potential conflicts. Through open lines of communication, we are actively addressing the issues
at hand, seeking resolutions, and promoting understanding amongst all parties involved.

Therefore, we urge all Konkomba students and workers in Dagomba areas to remain calm and continue with
their daily routines without fear. We understand the importance of education and livelihoods, and we want
to assure you that concerted efforts are being made to safeguard your well-being.

We encourage all residents to be cautious of rumours and misinformation that may circulate during these
challenging times. Verify information through reputable sources and refrain from engaging in activities that
may escalate tensions or contribute to misunderstandings.

KOYA, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, is firmly committed to establishing and
maintaining a peaceful environment for everyone.

We call upon the Regional Security Council, Northern Regional Peace Council, Community Leaders, Local Authorities, and Law Enforcement Agencies to work hand in hand with us to foster mutual respect, cooperation, and harmony.

Finally, we extend our gratitude to all Konkombas for their patience, resilience, and commitment to peaceful
coexistence. Together, we can overcome these challenges and build a brighter future for all communities in
Northern Ghana.

Nagbija Elvis Poliyeh
[General Secretary- KOYA]
9TH July, 2023
General Secretary: +233 245036606
National President: +233 245731023

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