In a sheer show of solidarity, Africans, particularly Muslims across various countries, have taken to the streets to express great support for the people of Palestine during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

The conflict, which has captured global attention, is now becoming an issue that transcends borders, taking on strong religious undertones in the African context.

This widespread show of unity and empathy emerged in the wake of this week’s incident in Kenya’s National Assembly that drew the world’s gaze.

Kenyan lawmaker Farah Maalim donned a Palestinian keffiyeh (scarf) during a parliamentary session as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinians suffering in the Gaza Strip. However, Speaker Moses Wetangula ordered him to remove the scarf, citing a violation of parliamentary rules.

The incident in Kenya is not an isolated event as in various African nations, from Tunisia to Nigeria, impassioned demonstrators are raising their voices and Palestinian flags in support of those affected by the conflict in the Middle East.

As the Israel-Palestine war unfolds, the lines between geopolitical strife and religious solidarity become increasingly blurred, illustrating the deep concern that resonates with African populations.

The world watches as Africa’s response to the crisis unfolds, recognizing that the plight of Palestinians goes beyond boundaries and resonates deeply in the hearts of those who are advocating for peace, empathy, and unity during these tumultuous times.